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"I learned to trust my intuition  and to ask good questions that can really help people move forward. The training brought me a lot; some personal growth and improved communication skills. "

Coach Academy

Communication is the core of every organization: providing good information, discussing problems, listening to each other, putting yourself in another person’s shoes (client/employee), giving and receiving feedback, handling conflicts, avoiding and solving miscommunication, etc.


In 4 months, this coach training teaches you to ask the right questions, depending on the situation and your conversation partner.

This effective way of communicating will save time, improve cooperation, reduce conflicts and increase job satisfaction due to happy colleagues/clients who feel understood.

The training consists of theory, many practical exercises, and discussions that cover the following learning points: 

- M M -

You will learn this during the training:

  • Insight into your own communication behavior;

  • The qualities of a good coach;

  • The structure of a good conversation;

  • The way your mind and thoughts work;

  • To listen and to interpret;

  • Insight into the growth process of individuals;

  • Building on your intuition;

  • Dealing with non-verbal signals from your conversation partner;

  • Approaching a situation in a solution-oriented way;

  • Communicating without your own goal or judgement;

  • Questioning effectively to quickly get to the core of things;

  • Giving and receiving feedback;

  • Avoiding and solving miscommunication;

  • Handling conflicts;

  • The ability to help others make choices;

  • How to apply NLP (neuro linguistic programming) in a conversation.

The training is suitable for both private and corporate participants.

The costs: 

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

Jaap & Anneke

1 adult

2 adults

€ 3950

€ 6950

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In many cases the costs of the training are tax deductible. Will you use the knowledge from the training for your (future) profession? Then you can deduct the course fee from your taxes under education costs.


Read the terms & conditions here.

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