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We are Jaap en Anneke.

Together we are proud parents of seven adult children and since 2009 we are the owners of RENK.


RENK is our passion project - a world that we have lovingly built ourselves and of which we take good care on a daily basis to literally make it grow and flourish.

At RENK, we focus on the health of nature as well as human health, both mental and physical.


We have combined our personal qualities and work passionately to develop our estate according to our vision to connect man, nature and health; in the peacefulness of the beautiful Limburg countryside we have created two food forests from which we process nuts, fruits, and other ingredients into beautiful products.

On our peaceful estate you can enjoy everything we have to offer as a guest, and we also provide retreats in which we focus on personal balance through coaching.


Does our philosophy of life inspire you?

We can't wait to welcome you at RENK!

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We believe in a sustainable future, a balance between people and nature. Encouraging sustainable behavior and raising this awareness through tips and stories.


A better you

Together we look at the issues you are facing in a practical and positive way. What would you like to change? What are your qualities? Where do the opportunities lie?


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Bon appetit

Cooking and eating is our passion;
Preferably vegetarian and with local produce, freshly gathered and picked whenever possible. Be inspired by our recipes, dishes and harvest from the garden.

Comfort Cuisine Roermond x RENK

RENK has entered into a beautiful partnership with Comfort Cuisine in Roermond

- run by Lotte Lavrijsen and Sammy Kempees.


Comfort Cuisine focuses on creating delicious dishes that are not only flavorful, but also healthy and conscious. Using fresh, organic ingredients straight from RENK's food forest, Comfort Cuisine serves special and honest seasonal dishes to its guests.

Because of the direct route from land to table, you enjoy the highest quality at Comfort Cuisine – which can be tasted in every dish.


Comfort Cuisine pays special attention to special dietary needs, such as dishes for various intolerances.

The focus lies on gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and lactose-free dishes, by which Comfort Cuisine meets the growing demand for plant-based and conscious food choices.


Comfort Cuisine is more than just a place to eat - it is an experience in which the connection to nature and the origins of our food are at the core.

Lotte and Sammy are not only partners in Comfort Cuisine, they are also part of the RENK family and together we work to make a positive impact on the community and the world around us.

Part of RENK's product range is also for sale at Comfort Cuisine.


For all your inspiration and updates.

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