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At RENK we love pure and delicious food — it reflects the natural connection between ourselves, our estate, and our guests. Our food is mainly vegetarian, animal-friendly, beneficial to the climate, the environment, and your health.

In summer, we work with produce from our own garden, our orchard, and our forest garden. You will taste and experience RENK in every dish.

We make delicious jams, mayonnaises, soups, sauces, juices, pies & tarts, cookies and desserts, which you can enjoy throughout the year at RENK.
Our spicy tomato jam is a true (flavor) sensation!

We also incorporate herbs from our own herb garden into our herb butters, tea blends, and various salts. The honest flavor of RENK can be tasted in everything we grow, process, and serve on our estate. 


Starting May 2024, part of our product range will be for sale at Comfort Cuisine in Roermond; a cosy breakfast, brunch & lunchroom where you will also find our delicious sweet & savory tarts, cookies, and soups on the menu.

Curious about our products?  Check out our webshop for more information.

Delicious diets



How do you easily reduce your carbon footprint?
Calculate your own impact on the earth here:



Eating sustainably

Eat - whenever possible - organic, plant-based and local. Or at least some days a week. This is less harmful to the environment; less consumption of resources and less CO2 emissions. By not buying and cooking too much, there is no need to waste food.

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Green energy

Renewable energy generated by sun, wind and water causes no air pollution and few CO2 emissions. Moreover, this energy never runs out. It is possible to generate sustainable energy yourself or use green electricity and green gas through the energy supplier.


More green​​

A green garden is better for the climate. It contributes to good water infiltration and provides cooling in the summer. In addition, a variety of plants and trees bring life into the garden. Great for butterflies, bees, insects and hedgehogs.


Separate waste and recycle

Separated waste can be better reused and reduces the need for incineration, preventing environmental damage. Collect paper, glass, plastic and group separately, then almost no residue remains!


Save water

Shorter showers, spraying with rainwater and a save button on the toilet. While we think we use 60 liters of water a day, in reality it is 120 liters! Reduce waste of drinking water by using it efficiently.

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Less transportation & items

We can avoid a large carbon footprint when it comes to transportation. Buying, working and going out locally therefore has many advantages, especially if it is by bike, electric or public transport. It also helps to be frugal with your belongings, to "consume" and choose sustainable and second-hand products.


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"This makes me really happy! Just opening the box is a treat to see. I tried the jam right away; really delicious!"

- J R H -


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