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"I am so glad I met you and that you were able to give me inspiration again for the years to come. I feel like I have been reset."

Individual coaching

For people who prefer one-on-one conversations, we also offer individual NLP coaching. The number of meetings and frequency of the meetings varies per person. Feel free to contact us to discuss what you would like to achieve with us. In a free conversation, no strings attached, we can decide on the best approach together.

Walk your talk

For people who enjoy walking during the conversation, we also offer coaching walks.  While walking we will discuss the issues that concern you and which you feel are in need of change. By walking, you will relax and this often results in an effortless flow of thoughts and feelings. Talking is often easier while paying a relaxed attention to nature.

- J E -

Appointments for individual coaching are jointly planned.

Costs are €90 per hour.

Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment and see who of us suits your needs best. 

See you soon!

Jaap & Anneke

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