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About RENK

Jaap & Anneke

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Jaap Renkema

In my view, everyone is unique. You live on earth with a certain purpose: (1) to discover who you are and what your qualities are, (2) to use and contribute these qualities to this world and (3) to find your own happiness and fulfillment in this.

The path to this goal is different for everyone. You know your own path best, but the journey is not always easy. Sometimes you need a little help. In that case, as a coach, I will help you on your way by asking the right questions.


My passion is to support people on their path and contribute to their personal growth.

I always see the good in people. I focus on their talents which I use in helping them find their own strengths. I have a strong rational and analytical side, I do not judge, have an open mind and strong intuition.

I am trained as an MMS-certified coach, Facet 5 personality profile trainer and am a certified NLP Master Practitioner.

Anneke Ouwerkerk-Renkema


It is my passion to make people happy; by caring for them, listening to them and helping them regain their power.


Clarity is paramount to me: I can make complicated things simple and I see and feel when something is not right. By asking the right questions, I can quickly put my finger on the sore spot. With me you know where you stand: "What you see is what you get".


I have a special connection with children; I can empathize with them and speak their language, which makes it easy for me to make contact.


Seeing that people flourish again, are motivated again and can proceed, not in the least because they really feel seen and supported, that gives me energy.

I am trained as an MMS-certified coach, am an accredited Lumina Learning Trainer and am a certified NLP Master Practitioner.

"I think you are very inspired, committed and professional coaches. You are creative and playful in coming up with ways to get things across."

- M M -


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