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"Great coaches. It’s like they can see through you and know exactly what you need during such a weekend to get back in touch with yourself again. "

- A H -

Coaching adults

Where do you find yourself now? And where do you want to go? After this 3-day workshop, you will know what you qualities and strengths are, and how to use them to achieve your goals. Letting go of old limitations and beliefs and practice practically with new skills and knowledge about yourself; Making a fresh start. 

Before the start of the workshop we will schedule a personal intake. Together with your coach you will formulate goals you want to achieve during the workshop. To give you an idea, here are some goals of previous workshop participants.

The first two days you will work on your own goals in a small group. By working in a group, you learn from each other and mutually motivate each other. But there are also 1-on-1 moments during which you receive guidance from one of the coaches. By way of practical exercises, you will follow your own path to personal growth under the guidance of the coaches.

The following aspects will be covered:

Dag 1

  • Introductie

  • Wat do I want?

  • Wat is my goal?

  • Wat do I no longer want?

  • What am I saying goodbye to?

  • Wat are my qualities and talents? 

Dag 2

  • Personal growth; The theory

  • Applying NLP techniques

  • Meditation

  • Strategy new start

  • The future

Dag 3

​​The third day follows a few weeks later. Then we review how things are going: What is working well? Where do we have to cross the T’s and dot the I’s?  What, if anything, is still needed to further shape the new start?

The workshop is held at the coach center in Maria-Hoop. The green surroundings are perfect for a walk after a day's workshop.

In the evening, participants can retire to their rooms or find each other in the common room. Experience shows that these evenings of inspiring stories often result in friends for life

The costs

1 adult

2 adults

€ 600

€ 950

The amount can be paid in installments.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

Jaap & Anneke

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In many cases the costs of the training are tax deductible. Will you use the knowledge from the training for your (future) profession? Then you can deduct the course fee from your taxes under education costs.

Click here for the terms and conditions.

Administrative tip

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