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Since 2020, we have been planting a food forest! RENK's estate contains 2.8 hectares of food forest, on which we work according to the concept of “regenerative agriculture. A food forest is an agricultural system that produces food, but which also benefits nature. In our food forest, agriculture and nature come together and reinforce each other. Among other things, we plant nitrogen fixers that provide an increase in soil fertility, so that we can literally reap the benefits of our RENK food forest!

We neither give the plants artificial fertilizers nor spray poison, making our food forest completely organic. We are creating an ecological system that keeps itself healthy. We believe that a healthy soil with a variety of plants and trees will create a healthy ecosystem, in which we take full advantage of our natural helpers. They get to enjoy the harvest too!

What's in RENK's food forest? Form several varieties of berries like black currant, raspberry, tayberry, Josta currant, honey currant, pink currant, gooseberry, Aronia, and blackberry, to shrubs like elder, hawthorn, yellow dogwood, Szechuan pepper, Chinese mahogany, and mulberry. Fruit trees such as almond, apple, pear, Nashipe pear, and peach, and nut trees such as walnut, butter heartnut, Pecan nut, and sweet chestnut.

Part of our food forest will be set up as a syntropic system so that it will mature faster and will enable the fruit trees to cooperate optimally with fast-growing plants found in an ecological natural system. This highly fertile method of farming will ensure that the food forest will grow faster and RENK will soon have a wealth of different plants and trees that create a special ecosystem, including willows, fruit-bearing shrubs and fruit and nut trees.

Close to our farm we have a vegetable garden consisting of 14 vegetable garden boxes. Soon our farm garden will also be enriched with edible plants, fruit bushes and herb plants.

We use all these beautiful products from our food forest and vegetable garden to make high-quality delicacies such as delicious jams and chutneys, special mayonnaises - also in a vegetable and gluten-free variety - tasty sauces , juices, soups, and of course our delectable cakes and tea blends.

Discover, taste and experience the honest taste of RENK with the courtesy of our lush food forest, in which we are continuously developing and growing.

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"Making money, whilst saving the earth"

- J R -



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