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A better you


Who are you? What are your capabilities? What would you like to change or what would you like to achieve? In a practical and positive way, we get to work on your goals. Learn about yourself: new insights, a new way of doing things. And let go of old beliefs and barriers. Make steps that will benefit you for a lifetime.




Renk Explore

Three days of coaching, including lunch (3x), dinner (2x), accommodation and breakfast at  RENK B&B

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Renk Adventure

One day including lunch and dinner
at the Coach Center


Retraite weekend

For both, two nights lodging and two delicious breakfasts at RENK B&B, a book on personal growth and three hours of guidance by 2 coaches, including a workbook.

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Five days of relaxation and personal development, including lodging and meals at the Coach Center

Individuele coaching

Individual coaching

One or multiple sessions, depending on the goal.

Possibly during a walk.

Date and time in consultation.

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Coach Academy

Coach Academy

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2 weekends and  10 course days, spread over a period of 4 months at the Coach centre.  


The training can be taken privately or through work. The amount can be paid in installments.

"The tools that the coaches provide to reset yourself are so amazing that after a few hours you already feel that things can be done differently. The second day, I felt like I had discarded a worn-out jacket and had put on a new one. I can recommend anyone who feels like they are stuck to do such a workshop. I can enjoy myself again, I am relaxed and I have much more energy. My life has become a lot more fun, and the people around me make comments on the fact that I radiate that fun. If I could hand out a medal, they would get a gold one from me."

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